05. September 2019
We have unfortunately been on a unofficial hiatus from anything related to Brother ape for an extended amount of time. But sometimes it can be quite rejuvenating to take a few steps back once in a while, and to refresh one's mind in general. So what's been going on with us lately? Well, Stefan and Max have decided to try finish a book project originating around sometime in 1985. It's all written in Swedish and unfortunately wouldn't really work in any other languages. Gunnar has been busy with...
15. January 2019
Listen to the show hosted by Drew Fisher !
30. December 2018
2019 is soon here and we have moved our online base to jimdo. We have worked on some old materials and injected them from a different angle.I hope they will go through our verification and can be released under 2019. Stefan & Max also dug up a project from the ice age.Continuing writing on a epic story from 1985.It was just to fun to read the beginning chapters to just let it rest in piece. So we decided to give the manuscript a second chance. Then have I (Max)also worked on a personal...
22. December 2018
We working on to start up 2019 on a new online base.We hope you haven't given up on our low activity ,but from now it shall be better.