Brother ape were born out of the hard rock mold in the early days of the 80s. The band went through a musical metamorphosis in the 90s where a lot of great musicians influenced the members to take on the task of mastering their instruments and the craftsmanship of composing to new altitudes. This grip has taken us to the album No. 7 (Karma), who now is our point of evolution. Some say we sound like a hybrid of Zeppelin, Muse and Pat Metheny on steroids. That might be some truth in that statement, but we always search for new

influences on our quest for the ultimate musical ecstasy.As the shape of a trio we have played on the festival

“Slottsskogen goes progressive” and later on “Sweden progfest 2012”, Uppsala progressive festival 2015 and some smaller club gigs in between the bigger events. 2016 was entirely focused on song writing and the album Karma. During this year several songs where composed that didn´t really fit the

atmosphere of Karma. So stay tuned for additional releases in the near future.

Their 7th full length album to date. The band broke out of their composing, recording, gigging routine they had done so many years by first recording three EP’s which they released on digitals platforms first. The best tracks of these EP, plus some really great new ones were rerecording for the brand new album ‘Karma’.